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For a digitalized tomorrow!

Are you looking for a future-oriented strategy and lenient control for your company to dispute the digital visibility of tomorrow? Then you are exactly right here! 

Are you looking for a partner who supports you professionally in various IT, project management or strategy development disciplines? Then you are exactly right here! 

These values drive

THS Business Solutions


Everyone does his thing in the quiet closet - that was yesterday. We make sure that our team helps to develop and understand decisions and that our customers and their employees understand our solutions. Nobody is helped if there is always a big question mark in the room.

Added Value

Our digitization steps enable our customers to gradually experience digitization and implement it in their company. The most important thing for us is that each step offers added value, either in terms of sales, customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction. Our employees should not only gain monetary added value from working at THS, but also develop personally.


For us, employees are not human resources and our customers are not entries in the customer relations tool, but people. People who define and shape us as a company. We also want to shape people as a company. It is important for us that our employees live these values ​​and that our customers can understand our values.


For us, sustainability has two sides: On the one hand, long-term, healthy growth, customer satisfaction is of particular concern to us and determines our motivation to work. On the other hand, the respectful use of the resources given to us. We want to be a role model for our partners, customers and employees and strive to always take the next step.



Known from

„In kürzester Zeit hat sich das aus der Software-Qualitässicherung kommende Start-up ui einer IT-Strategieberatung entwickelt, die die digitale Welt von morgen in der Region Braunschweig mitgestaltet,…“

„Junges Start-up Team der THS Business Solutions GmbH revolutioniert mit einfachen digialen Lösungen den Mittelstand.“

„Eigenfinanziertes Start-up mit einmaliger Erolgsgeschichte.“

„… genau diese Kombination aus Familien-Feeling, herausfordernden und spannenden Aufgaben sowie herausragenden Benefits macht die THS Business Solutions GmbH zu einem ungewöhnlich atraktiven Arbeitgeber.“

„Das Leistungsangebot hat sich so sehr vergrößert, dass THS kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen die Aufgabe abnehmen kann, IT-Systeme zu pflegen und weiterzuentwickeln.“



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