(IT-) Strategyconsulting

Together with you we take a close look at your company and your IT and discover new and individual possibilities. Get an unbiased look from outside and let us show you digital opportunities and strategies. Of course, we also take over the implementation of the discovered potential for you. As digital natives with many years of experience in the IT sector, we are very familiar with the technology and functionality of the solutions available on the market and have already made an important discovery: Many cooks spoil the broth! In times of digitization, it is very important that IT strategy and the associated solutions communicate with one another and are coordinated. With too many external service providers with different solutions, that is exactly what falls by the wayside. Trust us rather than your cross-thematic (IT) strategy consultant. With our broad team and numerous partner companies, we analyze your structures and develop a comprehensive (IT) strategy to advance your company digitally!

The path to your new (IT) strategy


Kickoff Workshop

Company insight

Consideration of the current Challenges

Generating ideas

Definition of corporate goals


Strategy development

Development of a

(Future) strategy

Deriving recommendations for action

Planning the next steps


Implementation (optional)

Implementation and/or monitoring of the recommendations for action

Further development

Tobias Hoffmann

Tobias Hoffmann (Geschäftsführer)

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