About THS Business Solutions GmbH

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   Who are we?    

This is THS

Dynamic team of digital natives

Founded as a startup, we quickly grew into an established IT consulting company in Braunschweig. With a broad team, we ensure that we cover all areas well and can advise you comprehensively from different perspectives.

    Our goal    

Our goal

We shape the future

Our goal is to help shape the digital world of tomorrow in the Braunschweig region, one of the most research-intensive regions in Germany. Small, medium-sized or Dax group, we support your company in the digital challenges of the future.


Where we come from

Founded in 2017 by two business informatics students from the Technical University of Braunschweig, THS Business Solutions GmbH has grown rapidly. Coming originally from software quality assurance, a comprehensive IT strategy consulting area has grown in no time. These include the fields of activity of the (cloud) infrastructure and social media.

More about

The Founders

I am Tobias Hoffmann and I am passionate about working with our customers to create new strategies and products.

Tobias Hoffmann

Executive Director

I am Hendrik Schweim and work closely with our customers to design software product requirements.

Hendrik Schweim

IT Berater

Known from

„In kürzester Zeit hat sich das aus der Software-Qualitässicherung kommende Start-up ui einer IT-Strategieberatung entwickelt, die die digitale Welt von morgen in der Region Braunschweig mitgestaltet,…“

„Junges Start-up Team der THS Business Solutions GmbH revolutioniert mit einfachen digialen Lösungen den Mittelstand.“

„Eigenfinanziertes Start-up mit einmaliger Erolgsgeschichte.“

„… genau diese Kombination aus Familien-Feeling, herausfordernden und spannenden Aufgaben sowie herausragenden Benefits macht die THS Business Solutions GmbH zu einem ungewöhnlich atraktiven Arbeitgeber.“

„Das Leistungsangebot hat sich so sehr vergrößert, dass THS kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen die Aufgabe abnehmen kann, IT-Systeme zu pflegen und weiterzuentwickeln.“